Paras 10 update

Judgement day of 21st October is almost upon us with the PARA’s 10 miler looming. Training is so far going quite well – I managed 9.7 miles in boots with the full 35lbs in 2 hrs on Sunday. With 6 weeks to go I’m hopeful of posting a reasonable time, but doubt I will be anywhere near Chris Daniels who won in an incredible 1 hr 17 mins last year. If I can get under 2 hours I will be very pleased, not having done anything like this for 10 years. I’ve lost a few toenails from running in boots but am getting used to it again now and my feet feel much better. Fortunately I don’t operate with my feet……

Eddie qualified from Oxford University in 1989 and trained in surgery in London and South Africa. He was appointed as consultant vascular surgeon to Radiance Health in 2002.

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